GipoRec Giga R90 Impact Crusher

The basic model GipoRec Giga R90 Impact Crusher can be expanded with a one-deck or a two-deck screening unit and can be expanded as desired

Product Description

The core of the plant are the GIPO impact crushers with two impact racks, the crusher discharge with discharge chute and the proven fully hydraulic drive concept.  Continuously adjustable speeds permit direct control of the crushed material.  Similar to the other GIPO plants, the material flow design avoids the restriction of the material flow.  The system width of the conveying elements increases steadily in the direction of the material flow.

With this further developed rubble breakup system, the broken-up end product can be sieved and a final particle size, meeting specifications, can be produced.  The basic model can be expanded as desired.  It can also be transported and operated with or without a screening unit.  That saves investment costs, reduces fuel use and cuts down on the environmental load.  The oversized material return belt is attached firmly to the system and need not be dismantled for transport.  The screening unit can be attached to or detached from the break up system in less than 10 minutes.

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  • Swiss quality
  • Fully hydraulic transmission
  • Simple reduction of transport weight by uncoupling the screening machine
  • The screening unit can be coupled and uncoupled by one person without any assistance in lifting
  • Robust impact crusher with two high-quality impactors and an optional grinding track
  • High mobility – short set-up time – little space requirement
  • User-friendly and service-friendly
  • Simple troubleshooting due to easy access to components
  • Simultaneous production of multiple high-quality, graded final products in natural stone, concrete and asphalt material size

Feed Hopper:  4m3
Feed Channel:  800 x 2500mm
Pre-Screen Machine:  800 x 1500mm
Impact Crusher Inlet:  870 x 850 (920) mm
Rotor Diameter:  1100mm
Crusher Capacity:  Upto 200tph
Discharge Chute:  900 x 2300mm
Discharge Conveyor:  1000 x 6400mm
Oversize Recirculation Conveyor:  400 x 5800mm
Weight with screen: 33000kg
Weight without screen:  27000kg

Transport Dimensions
Length:  16.5m


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