McCloskey ST80 ST100 Stackers

With a speedy set up time and high degree of mobility, the McCloskey ST80 ST100 Stackers are exceedingly efficient due to minimal downtime and maximum throughput and stockpile capacity

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The McCloskey Wheeled Stackers have been designed for high capacity stockpiling operation.  All units come standard with diesel power units, hydraulic main lift and hydraulic top fold.  Electric and dual power are both available as options based on the best application for the customer’s business.

The ST Stacker line is also available as a radio controlled track mounted unit.  This heavy duty mobile stacker has a setback axle and 22.5 degree max. conveyor angle allowing for the highest stockpiles per conveyor length in the industry.

With its durable truss frame, large feed hopper and base production capacity of 500 TPH with optional upgrades to 800 TPH, the McCloskey ST Stackers stand up well above the competition.

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  • The pivoting axle box allows for creating swept radius stockpiles
  • Straightforward hydraulic controls to fold and unfold, raise and lower the conveyor
  • Hydraulic folding for ease of transportation with air brakes, mud flaps and lights


  • V-bin allows for larger amounts of material to be directly loaded into the hopper
  • Hydraulic axle jacks enhance stability whilst the stacker is in operation.
  • Hydraulic axle extensions attach to the rear of the undercarriage and enable axle extensions
  • The hydraulically controlled drive unit attached to the axle box and enables on-site stacker positioning
  • The hydraulically controlled legs attach to the tail end of the stacker and ensure accurate vertical positioning of the hopper

Engine: Diesel or Electric
Transport Height:  4.11m (13’6”)
Transport Length:  18.8m (61’10”)
Transport Width:  3.0m (10’2”)

Stockpile Height:  9.47m (31.’1”)
Production: 500 US TPH

Engine: Diesel or Electric
Transport Height:  4.11m (13’6”)
Transport Length:  21.19m (69’6”)
Transport Width:  3.32m (10’11”)

Stockpile Height:  12.5m (41’3”)
Production: 500 US TPH


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