MWS Rinsing Screens

McCloskey Mobile Rinsing Screens are an extremely adaptable, high capacity Mobile Washing Unit.

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Product Description

Available as a tracked or wheeled unit, these come complete with up to 3 side conveyors and split catch box for up to 4 grades of aggregates and 2 grades of sand.

The rinser’s fast set up and relocation abilities, make it ideal for contractors and hire fleets.  Also, as two machines in one, can be easily converted to dry screen mode.

  • Fast set up time
  • Low cost setup – no crane hire required
  • Easily converted to dry screen mode
  • Ideal for hire fleets and contractors
  • Wet and dry screening capabilities
  • 8 independently controlled spray bars on each deck delivering 2 bar/29psi of water pressure at each nozzle
  • Dual power option
  • Extra coupling facility to run additional equipment such as McCloskey Sand Screws and Stackers
  • Hydraulic catch box – allows user to easily lift and lower the catch box
  • Large screen deck – 14ft x 5ft top & middle deck, 12ft x 5ft bottom


  • Single or twin sand production available
  • Polydeck polyurethane screen media on all decks with rubber lined discharge lips
  • Radio remote control
  • Dual power
  • Crusher chute (available with 15ft hopper only)

Transport dimensions

12′ Hopper:  15.61m (51’2″)
15′ Hopper:  16.52m (54’2″)

500mm aux conv: 
3.06m (9’10”)
650mm aux conv: 
3.24m (10’8″)

Transport 3 deck track: 
3.45m (11’4″)
Transport 3 deck wheel: 
3.73m (12’3″)

29,000kg (69,933lb) approx
25,000kg (55,115lb) approx

Stockpile height

Side Conveyor
Track model:  4600mm (15’1″)
Wheel model:  4870mm (15’11”)

3 deck Auxillary conveyor
Track model:  4700mm (15.5′)


Transport dimensions

12′ Hopper:  17.54m (56’8″)
15′ Hopper:  18.2m (59’8″)

Transport track: 
3.45m (11’4″)
Transport wheel: 
3.68m (12’1″)

Width (2 deck):
500mm aux conv: 
3.06m (10′)
650mm aux conv: 
3.22m (10’7″)

2 Deck Track: 
36,000kg (79,366lb) approx
2 Deck Wheel: 
31,000kg (68,343lb) approx
3 Deck Track:  36,500kg (80,468lb) approx
3 Deck Wheel:  33,000kg (72’752lb) approx

Stockpile height

Side Conveyor
Track model:  5100mm (16’9″)
Wheel model:  5370mm (17’7″)

3 deck Auxillary conveyor (3 deck only)
Track model:  4700mm (15.5′)

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